We seek to serve God, by serving what matters to God, which is his children.

    Nothing in the universe has more value to God than one of his children, and each one should be treated as being  precious.

Where there is charity and Love,  God is there!


EMPIRICALISM :   The belief that in order to seek and study and find truth, we as humans should make access to all scriptures and all the sciences available for consideration, and we should approach this study with a very reasonable and rational open mind.  Therefore it is in brotherhood and cooperative understanding that EMPIRICALISM unifies all world religions under the umbrella of science by studing them all in their pure forms, and embracing the empirical evidence and universal laws and common themes in theory and of the many religions so that we find it possible to form one common complete world religious understanding which is ever evolving with scientific knowledge and therefore has the potential to last the next 10 billion years as humankind sets about colonizing the heavens.


These are presently the missions to build branch church locations :


 Los Angeles, USA:


 Kimilili, Kenya :