Our purpose, our motto :

Where there is charity  and Love,  God is there!


EMPIRICALISM :   The belief that in order to seek and study and find truth, we as humans should make access to all scriptures and all the sciences available for consideration, and we should approach this study with a very reasonable and rational open mind.  Therefore it is in brotherhood and cooperative understanding that EMPIRICALISM unifies all world religions under the umbrella of science by studying them all in their pure forms, and embracing the empirical evidence and universal laws and common themes in theory and of the many religions so that we find it possible to form one common complete world religious understanding which is ever evolving with scientific knowledge and therefore has the potential to last the next 10 billion years as humankind sets about colonizing the heavens.


    We are literally working to build an EMPIRICAL  location in your neighborhood.  A house of God, literally, which will house some of those who build them, and be designed to help people   (in your neighborhood) who fall from society with real world tough love programs of self improvement and work options.
- It will serve to do, and make possible to do all the things the many present Churches, Mosques, Temples and religious organizations and most charites simply do not do.
   Such as :
                 1) Provide a large main meeting hall (CHURCH) for full global religious preaching, teaching, study , discussion and debate.  (Shared equally by all members of all world religions.)
                 2) Provide a large technical library for the study of all sciences and religions.
                 3) Provide a decent test equipment based laboratory for members to use in developing skills and projects.  
                4) Provide a large workshop for machine and hand tool projects of metal working, carpentry and other useful crafts.
                5) Provide a jobs training program, to help any temporary homeless local residents retrain to return to society in a productive manner.
                6) Provide numerous social services as charity, and make Church property and open spaces available for the local member community to use for various religious or celebratory events.
                7) Provide, MOST IMPORTANTLY, a long term investment into the survival of the members of each community church location, by pre-planning and disaster preparedness efforts,  such as stock piling cheap freshly dried, powdered and vacuum sealed volumes of high protein food items such as eggs, milk powder, and various plant seeds which we would also wish to plant. As well as setting up foundations for alternative food source methods during any worst case rapture scale event.
      To survive, your local community members will need to have 10 years worth of food, and or the means to supplement their diets with the decaying world around them, with complete protein and clean water, and full knowledge about how to overcome the many obstacles which they will face in any possible end of the world event.
   The fact of the matter is, history in the sciences, shows there have been many mass extinctions  and it is only those who happen to be either prepared or lucky enough to be around enough supplies that are able to survive at all.  Otherwise they all die.   And if you, and your family are going to give vast sums of money, such as 10% of your yearly income to a local church, then you and your family should have the comfort of knowing it will absolutely be used to ensure their survival, because WE KNOW that in order to ensure the survival our of species, we would need all churches to set up this kind of survival supply for it's members, so that if all the world is destroyed except for one small town, the race will survive, because that town was prepared.
      By this, by design each branch church location is meant to be funded by the labors of it's 12 member dedicated work crew operating at first solicitation campaigns as well as starting various labor based training businesses out the back of each church. So that the majority of funds donated by local community families can be concentrated into long term food storage efforts, which will be housed within each church and regulated in it's distribution under emergency circumstances to feed and protect those local community members who invested their faith and wealth into the CHURCH and it's operations.   Such that ideally, one large gift by one local member every 10-20 years could ensure the food resources for an entire neighborhood in any worst case scenario, and stored resources before they GO BAD, can be distributed to the needy as gifts as still viable food.
  IS YOUR CHURCH, or Mosque, or Temple using the money you give it to stock pile food for you and your children, so you can survive to see the new world, if the end of this world comes?????
   IF NOT, then perhaps you can help us build a new kind of Church, or Mosque, or Temple, that actually cares about you and your families survival.
   We do not need to replace your local Church, or Mosque, or Temple, but if you have given massive funds over to this local religious organization, you need to seriously consider pressuring them to convert to EMPIRICAL STANDARDS....  So that they can serve God much more than they are, and use your donated funds to ensure the survival of your family.     (Have them contact us.)
     It should be their priority, since we can, honestly, in reality predict, that to survive any worst case scenario, a group of people simply need 10 years of complete protein and carbohydrate supplies and supplements to ensure they can survive.  It is a very real and surprisingly small number which is actually required to fund the survival package for any given Church with it's several hundred members.
  It can easily be funded, if YOUR Church leaders have the mental capacity to make that their goal.
    IF YOUR FAMILIES SURVIVAL  IS NOT THEIR GOAL  then you need a new Church, and we can build one for you and your community.

Romans 15:1 "We then that are strong aught to bear the infirmities of the weak and not to please ourselves."


We seek to serve God, by serving what matters to God, which is his children.

    Nothing in the universe has more value to God than one of his children, and each one should be treated as being  precious.